Aomori me away green pastures to town and resutorannkawayoguriinnroddzi.
Approximately 50 ha site in shake for lunch and dinner, barbecue, shop and in-house products, café, golf and hands-on Studio and accommodation and camp, excursion, animal and can encounter and explore.


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2017年7月20日 : : Restaurant is closed on the August announcement
Announcement of the restaurant is closed on August 8/7(Moon)The 21(Moon)The 22(Fire)The 28(Moon)Closed on Mondays. 8/11 (gold..
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2017年7月19日 : : 811 restaurant private party.
Restaurant Charter information
8(Fri / Mon) / 11 the bookings for the restaurant throughout the day Charter.
Thank you.
Will shop stay open. ^_^

2017年7月18日 : : 7Restaurant transfers please note that March 18.
Today, 7/18(Fire)
Restaurant is closed on transfers.
Shops, golf is open. Visitors look forward to. ^_^

2017年7月12日 : : 7月14日(Gold)Announcement of the restaurant dinner Charter
Restaurant Charter information
7On June 14, Friday, dinner time Charter.
The stay open at lunchtime.
Shops are usually open.
Thank you.

2017In July, 8 pm : : Green farm concert 8/5()At 2:30 PM
Concert information!
85, (Saturday) 2:30 PM concert.
Every summer is the annual green form strings Orchestra concert.
Advance ticket sale started.
Reservations for lunch or dinner awaits you ^ _ ^

Are looking for staff (staff-Hall).
For more information please see the contact page top.

Nature and the harmony of human being

Away green Ranch, resutorannkawayoguriinnroddzi, Aomori Prefecture OIRA is located in towns and ranches, restaurants.
And grazing cows, horses, sheep, and features homemade dairy, homemade experience, golf course, accommodation (Youth Hostel) and camping.
In the restaurant widely available, such as lunch or dinner, barbecue, party, wedding.

Naturally rich in thoughts not enjoy hours of thought.

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* Youth Hostel guests always make a reservation confirmation please.
* BBQ, a hand-crafted experience become the reservation.

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 Away green farm & Ranch
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