Aomori me away green pastures to town and resutorannkawayoguriinnroddzi.
On the site of about 50 hectares, you can have lunch, dinner, barbecue, banquet, shop, homemade goods, café, park golf, handmade experience, camping, excursions, animal interaction, and walking. There are some changes in business hours.
Please note that the hostel is closed. The shop, park golf course, and campground are reopening.
Monday (or the following day if Monday is a holiday) is a closed day for the ranch (all facilities).
Please note that the restaurant is also closed on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.


 Access Map

 Means of transportation

♦ train
10 minutes walk from the blue train, mukaiyama station."

Than the Shinkansen [Hachinohe station] at one third of transit station, mukaiyama station."the old 10-minute walk.
Station is an unmanned station. YH Guide version comes up the stairs from the platform. In area convenience stores and shops.

♦ airplane
Approximately 25 minutes by car from Misawa airport.

Previously had a bus MISAWA station from the airport, but not currently runs only buses to Hachinohe station and abolition.

♦ car
If you use the highway

Hachinohe Expressway Hachinohe JCT no yorimichi spiders in the second in toll road, via Route 45 from Shimoda momoishi IC is approximately 10 minutes.

By car from Hachinohe area

Route 45, towada city, turn right at the signal in Shimoda. Y-intersection: proceed to the left and to the right entrance.

By car from Aomori area

Via Michinoku toll roads and highway 4, Highway 45, go in the direction of Hachinohe, turn left at the signal in Shimoda. Y-intersection: proceed to the left and to the right entrance.

Kamikita-gun I-Cho and mukaiyama 5-3331

 Store information

*The youth hostel will be closed for the time being.
* Reservations are required for handmade experience, BBQ, and camping.

 company information

About the company, please see below.