Aomori me away green pastures to town and resutorannkawayoguriinnroddzi.
Lunch, dinner, barbecue, banquet, shop, café, park golf, handmade experience, accommodation, camping, excursions, animals and walks can be done on the site of about 50ha. There are some changes in business hours.
Youth hostels are closed. From Monday, April 11 to Monday (the following day if monday is a national holiday), the shop is closed. Please refrain from entering on shop holidays.


 3Kind of raw milk yogurt

 Homemade cheesecake

 Special birthday cake

※The price is tax included.
♦ special birthday cake
Is a speciality cake chef make each of them carefully.
An important birthday or wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, such as admission and graduation.
The various scenes of gorgeous colors and memories remain
Nice will be directing.

 Restaurant products
※The price is tax included.