Aomori me away green pastures to town and resutorannkawayoguriinnroddzi.
Lunch, dinner, barbecue, banquet, shop, café, park golf, handmade experience, accommodation, camping, excursions, animals and walks can be done on the site of about 50ha. There are some changes in business hours.
The youth hostel is closed and the campsite is closed until early April. The park golf course is closed until late March.
Please note that the shop is closed for winter until late March. During the shop closure, milk and other items will be sold at the restaurant.
All facilities will be closed for winter from January 30th ~ February 9th.


The campground will be closed for the winter from December. Youth hostel is closed

Since corona countermeasures are regulated, please check the campground page for details. The campsite is closed in winter from December ~ early April. The hostel will be closed for the time being. Shop hours (reservation) 9am~4:30pm Campsite check-in 13:00~16:30 Check-out of campsite until 11:00 Reservations are required for camping. Since the ranch (shop) is closed on Mondays (or the following day if it is a holiday), reservations cannot be made on Mondays on the day of camping. The campsite is also available on Mondays if booked in advance. The youth hostel is closed. From Monday, April 11, the shop will be closed every Monday (or the following day if it is a holiday). The shop is open non-stop during spring and summer vacations. If both the shop and the restaurant are closed, the farm will be closed, so please refrain from entering. For the detailed schedule, please check the blog on the top page. In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, when you come to the venue ・ Wear a mask ・ Hand washing and disinfect hands ・ Physical condition management ・ Social distance, etc. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Best regards. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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