Aomori me away green pastures to town and resutorannkawayoguriinnroddzi.
Lunch, dinner, barbecue, banquet, shop, café, park golf, handmade experience, accommodation, camping, excursions, animals and walks can be done on the site of about 50ha. There are some changes in business hours.
Please note that the hostel is closed. The concession stand will reopen, the park golf course will open on April 6, and the campground will open in mid-April.
Monday (or the following day if Monday is a holiday) is a closed day for the ranch (all facilities).
Please note that the restaurant is also closed on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

Ranch wedding

 Ranch Weddings are currently closed.

You are free to choose the wedding style as "Shinto", "Christianity", and "People".
Receptions can accommodate up to 120 people.

By consultation, we will help you make a wedding unique to two people.

 Restaurant Wedding Plan is currently suspended.
※The price is tax included.
Puty Ange 7,000 yen
 Sashimi assorted
 Norwegian smoked salmon
 Shrimp simmered in chiro sauce
 Tongue flat eyes and scallop gratin
 Roasted beef on the back of a special beef
 Prosciutt salad
 Fruit platter

Puty Vale 8,000 yen
 Sashimi assorted
 Homemade Smoked Salmon with Herb Salad
 Chinese-style appetizer ass
 Sauillon gratin with head shrimp and scallops
 Roasted Beef Hille with Madera Sake Sauce
 Stir-fried shrimp and green vegetables with crab flavor

Puty Farm 9,000 yen
 Sashimi assorted
 Terrine with makoto and scallops with smoked salmon
 Steamed chicken eggs from Kawayo Ranch with fukahile
 Newburg style with head shrimp and mushrooms
 Roasted beef filet with truffle sauce
 Cheese && Salad

The contents of the cooking example are the contents of the table-up form.
Please consult us about your budget and format, such as course and viking format.
The contents will change depending on the season and the purchase situation.

 Room Guide